Salvador Dominguez’s solo exhibition “Fractions”

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Salvador Dominguez’s solo exhibition “Fractions,” explores relationships between parts to a whole in four bodies of work, each reflecting a narrative. The series of work will continue on after the solo exhibition is over to denote the constant progression, as a cyclical, ongoing series.

“Orchards” is the main focus of the show and addresses the Latino immigrant family, and the symbolism behind the orange motif. The orange grove represents the vital importance of maternal care on humanity and nature. Large scale, painted wooden panels are weaved together within a larger frame to explore a more complex narrative.

In “Cuentos de Adas,” Dominguez explores the current information age, and how an individual navigates through the influx of ideas and information provided by social devices connected to the Internet. Collages of newspaper and phonebook clippings, as well as everyday figures against the sea of information are used to piece together new nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

“Ok then, flux.” is a series of calendars composed of three inch by three inch panels depicting oranges painted daily on newspaper collage. The months of January to April of this year are documented. These calendars present the minute differences of each day, details that are often overlooked with the progression of time.

“American Landscapes” investigates the metropolitan cities of America during this time in history where the influx of consumer culture and information continue to reshape the land and people. Chicago and Los Angeles are depicted through Xerox, black and white collage skylines against background designs, referencing their fundamental differences through architecture.

The idea behind “Fractions” is considered using the familiar structure of the narrative to convey four unique stories. Salvador Dominguez conveys to the viewer his personal experiences and interactions with the world at large through the use of various mixed media. Each aspect of the exhibition is a fraction of life’s experiences, parts to a whole.

Saturday, June 19, 2010
5:00pm – 9:00pm
2026 East 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA

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