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urban:sanctuary 2026 E. 1st,Boyle Heights,CA90033

Dec 2 – Jan 7 2011

  • Nicola Atkinson/ NADFLY
  • Stevie Jackson
  • Lee Ivett/Baxendale

The Scottish word WEE is a small and a tiny word indeed.  (small = pequeño and tiny = diminuto ) As a word it has dual meaning for the artists, in the instance it is suggestive of something that is small and tiny and in the second instance it suggests togetherness and the work of the collective.

WEE series of public work brings together Nicola Atkinson/ NADFLY artist and curator, Stevie Jackson musician and songwriter with the band Belle & Sebastian and Lee Ivett/Baxendale, architect and urban designer, all based in Glasgow.  Nicola has collaborating with them separately on numerous works: public art, music, installation, shop, dance sets, design and environmental actions since 2005.

We arrive here in Boyle Heights as a collective to present several wee interventions including singing and exchanging objects/ structures for discussion about the impact of working in a wee way.

Historically we were inspired by the subsistence farming of the crofting communities in Scotland, which is almost lost. The movement of the ‘improvement’ in the early 20th Century, that heralded the industrial revolution, was a catalyst for the breakdown of crofting communities and their traditional lifestyle. This was a lifestyle based around small scale, localised agriculture, productivity and culture which was to be replaced by a move towards larger scale production of the land, mass production, growth of the city, industrialised manufacturing and globalisation.

With contemporary concerns regarding the sustainability of modern lifestyles, there is a growing number of people exploring a move away from larger scale development and back towards a smaller more localised scale of production in an effort to re-create sustainable communities and values.

Stevie and Nicola have created new Scottish work songs with the themes of present day toil of production in the tradition of the crofters work tweed songs. The public are invited to attend live music performances and finally become part of the performance in the gallery. To participate, you can sign up for the four day Stevie and Nicola song master class in early December.

Lee and Nicola’s installation will takes on a useful form of exchange such as hand formed objects, which will act as a catalyst. Their installation is a proposal of ideas about how sustainability can be achieved by both the individual and the collective in a manner that is suggestive and reflective of current trends that advocate a move back towards localism in terms of agriculture, production, arts and employment.



Nicola Atkinson/NADFLY artist/curator has been actively involved in a wide variety of exhibition, Installation, Intervention, public art & design projects in places such as Belfast, Kirkcaldy, Huntly, Inverness, Dunfermline, Elgin, Glasgow, Paisley, East Kilbride, West Bromwich, Chesterfield, Lidköping, Järpås, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Costa Mesa, New York, London, Amsterdam, Banff, Tokyo, Karachi, Toronto, Nuremberg, Furth, Hamburg, Dublin, Havana and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

www. nadfly.com and www.nadflyshop.com

Stevie Jackson is a musician and songwriter. He plays lead guitar and sings in the band Belle & Sebastian.


Lee Ivett is an architect and urban designer who works collaboratively with communities, artists, designers, performers, makers to produce context specific works that communicate ideas relating to people and place. He is a studio design tutor at the Mackintosh School of Architecture and lectures across the school on themes of community participation and alternative architectural practice.

www.baxendale-dco.com and www.lovemilton.org

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